Sunday, July 29, 2007

Having Fun At The Dillon Run

Friday evening we had lots of fun at Dillon International's Run For the Children. We didn't actually "run" the course...but Charlie ran around a lot with Mr. Ian. He loves his wagon and LOVES to ride. Brad joined us and Ian loved spending time and running around with him. We also got to see our new friends Chris & Al and their daughter Lainey and Elsa. This was our third year to participate in this event and we love it. It was a warm but beautiful evening. What could be a better birthday celebration for Momma than watching her handsome little man having so much fun?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Go Herd!!

Ian in his Marshall University (Momma and Daddy's Alma mater) T-Shirt. Cutest Thundering Herd fan ever.....GO HERD!!!

Another "Ianism"

I'm going to's late and I have an insanely busy week at work. BUT...not before I post another "Ianism".

This morning we had breakfast in the living room. Why? Our carpets were cleaned yesterday and our kitchen was still full of stuff from the other rooms. Ian and Daddy sat in the floor at the coffee table and I sat in my rocking chair.

Ian was finished with breakfast...or so we thought. He had eaten pretty well. He hadn't touched his food for over 5 minutes and it was time to clean up. So, Charlie...being the good daddy he is...cleaned up the table. A minute or so comes Ian...."where my beckfas?" The words alone were not the amusing part...but the intonation of the phrase and his little hand gestures. He had his little hands up as if to say "I don't know". He repeated "where my beckfas" several times and then proceeded to say "Ian hungee" we gave him a Nutri Grain Bar and he was happy. Charlie and I have laughed about this several times today.

Except for the temper....I'm loving this age. His little vocabulary is exploding and he's so expressive. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Things I Don't Want To Forget

It seems like there's something new every day now with Ian. It's hard for a momma to keep up. So, I'm hoping to jot these little things down so I can remember them.

He's counting to 3 all by himself. He's can also count 8, 9, 10 alone. After each set (1, 2, 3 and 8, 9, 10), he's so proud of himself.... he claps his little hands and just smiles.

He's a climber. Tonight he almost tipped the recliner over because he was climbing over the top of it. Then...he walked in the kitchen and climbed up in the chair that his booster seat is in...promptly turned around, sat down and said "buckle peese".

"Me-mote control" = remote control. "my me-mote control, daddy's me-mote control".

Tickle, tickle, of his favorite things to do.

"Airpanes...up in ky"...."burbs up in ky"..."bees up in ky"....."aboon up in ky" (balloon). Every time he hears and airplane he stops whatever he's doing and says "airpane up in ky" Not exactly sure where he learned that airplanes are up in the sky....but that's OK.


Loves to listen to "Wheels On The Bus" and "If You're Happy And You Know It" (he's got the clapping, stomping and hooray thing down pat).

He can show us where India is on the globe. Amazing.

In daycare this week, they've worked on shapes and colors. For Ian...most everything is green. He starts off with green and then moves to the right color. But, he's always been good with shapes. His "teachers" are thrilled that he'll say the shapes when they point the them....and even get their attention and say something like "triangle". Tonight, he was all about rectangles and triangles....with a few stars and hearts thrown in.

The way he dances...or what I think is his version of dancing. He's really cute...but really funny to me.

He knows when I get the camera out that he's supposed to turn around and say "cheese". When he's tired of momma taking pictures he'll say "no cheese momma".

I think he could probably eat chicken for every meal. He LOVES chicken. Loves french fries too.

He says his name so sweetly. He's progressing nicely with his entire name. If we ask him to say our names..."say Charlie".....he smiles and says "daddy"...."say Nadra"....."momma". Eventually he'll say them, but I'm surprised that he really knows what our names are. Charlie and I usually call one another daddy and momma.

He's still not sleeping an entire night in his big boy bed. But...that will come. Hopefully.

Yesterday evening was rough. I'm not sure what was going on with him, but something was. He was incredibly fussy and clingy. Nothing made him happy...I mean nothing. He was just miserable all evening. Tonight...completely different. Who knows.

OK....I'm probably boring all of you...but it's important that I write this stuff down. Time is flying by and I so want to remember as many of the sweet, rotten and amazing things Ian does.

Tonight I saw a glimpse of a little boy...not a baby...but a little boy. Where has my baby Ian gone? He's so sweet, but he's growing up way to fast for his momma. As I watch him grow and learn, I'm just so thankful that God paved the way so that we would have the joy and honor of being parents to such a great little guy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Ian Conversation

Another adoptive Mom reminded me how special it was to hear the word "momma" spoken by your child for the first time. Micah finally said "momma" to Pam this week. What a special day.

Ian has been saying Momma for about a year now. He says it quite well and often.

Here is just a sampling of a recent conversation....

Ian: Momma
Me: Yes Ian
Ian: Momma
Me: Yes Ian
Ian: Momma
Me: Yes Ian
Ian: Momma
Me: Yes honey
Ian: Momma
Me: Yes baby
Ian: Momma
Me: Yes Ian
Ian: Momma
Me: Ian
Ian: Momma
Me: Ian
Ian: Momma
Me: What is it Ian?

Get the drift? It continue a few more times and then he was done. Giggling by the end and finished by saying "no way momma".

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Music To A Momma's Ears

We just got home from a feeding Brad's dogs and a short drive around the neighborhood. In the car, Charlie asked Ian if he wanted to count....Ian replied "Yep". So they, two, tree, four, five, sicks, cheban, ate, nine, ten. Great job. Then we heard him in the back seat saying "one, two , tree".

Ian proceeded to say "king a-b-a momma". I didn't quite get that, so I asked him to repeat it..."king a-b-a momma". So I got it that time..."Sing ABC's Momma". So...we sang the ABC's. Each time I'd stop...."no momma, sing a-b-a's". He would sing with us...."a, b, a, b, a, c, r" tune...but not in the exact order. It was so cute though, even after 30 times of singing "a-b-a's".

Love this kid...just love him.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Polite and Cute

Every day is a new day with Ian. He's still cute as can be. The past few days we've noticed his vocabulary picking up significantly. He'll pretty much try to say whatever we ask him to, but now he's starting to say more things on his own without our prompting. The past 2 days he's been doing the cutest thing. If we say "Thank you Ian"....he says "I welcome Momma". Polite and what a combination.

When I rock him to sleep at night, I always sing "Jesus Loves Me". The past couple of nights he'll sit on my lap and look at me and say "Jesusth momma". I say "do you want to sing the Jesus Song and he says "yes peese". So I start singing. When I get to "yes Jesus loves me" part...he'll sing "yes Jesusth me". He's so sweet.

We have an amazing little guy and I'm so thankful that God chose me to be his Momma. "Yes...Jesus Loves Me".

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Swimming On the Fourth Of July

Yesterday we decided to go swimming in Uncle Brad's pool. Uncle Brad is in Florida, but we're checking in on his dogs while he's we are taking advantage of the pool. Ian was ready to get in as soon as we walked outside. He LOVES the water. He didn't like his float much. He preferred being in Daddy's arms. He even went under water several times. Each time he'd come up smiling. Then a few seconds later he'd say..."ready....set....go". He had so much fun. He was a little prune by the time he got out. He did venture out a couple of times to check out a flower in Brad's back yard and to try to figure out the doggie door. He kept trying to see if he could go through the doggie door. Fortunately, he hasn't figured it out yet. But, it won't take him long. It's a large doggie door, so he can fit. We had hoped to go see fireworks last night, but after an afternoon of swimming Ian was ready for bed. He crashed about 8:30 even though we tried to keep him up. So....we'll see fireworks another time.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Ian and Daddy have a new game.....STINKER BALL. Ian picked up his Spiderman ball and then picked up the blue ball for Daddy. They bounced it off one another for a while and then Ian's ball hit the ground. Ian said "stinker ball". So...everytime the ball hits the ground (of if Ian does) of them will cry out....."Stinker Ball". Who knows why Ian calls it Stinker Ball...but it's pretty fun to watch them play.


Momma has a new camera....woo, hoo!!!! Tonight I figured out how to download my pictures. Another woo, hoo!!! I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA!!!! I was so tired of waiting for my other digital camera to take a shot. Now I have one that has amazing shutter speed. Woo, hoo!!! These pictures are from the past few weeks. I could post a bunch more...but these are a few of my favs. Enjoy!!!