Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where Did That Come From?

It's something new almost daily with Ian. His vocabulary is really picking up. He pretty much "talks" non stop when it's just the three of us at home. He's in a "shy" phase right now. It's taking him a lot longer to warm up to people. But, that's OK.

His new thing today is "don't like it". Where in the world did that come from? Pretty much everything I asked him this evening he'd just shake his little head and say "don't like it". Who knows.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ian & Mia

Angie sent this picture to me. It's also posted on her blog. The kids are adorable. I love this picture and just had to share. Little Jadyn is not quite sure what to think of these two. Ian is one lucky little guy...right in the middle of two beautiful Bengali Princesses.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NO....NO, NO, NO

I had convinced myself that my precious little guy would be sweet and easy going forever. OK, I'm delusional. But I liked it that way.

This weekend, Ian discovered the word NO. Wow it's a fun word. He likes it so much, he says it a million times a day. The funny (not really) thing is that he knows HOW and WHEN to use the word. When he says NO, he's responding to a question or a request. He doesn't just say it once...he repeats it...NO, NO, NO. Shaking his head and pointing his little finger / hand all at the same time. He's really discovering lots of new things. I think he's testing his Independence somewhat. Momma's not ready for that. It's great fun watching him grow, develop and learn. I just don't like this "no, no, no" stuff.

Oh well, we will get through this phase. We're not the first to go through it and we certainly won't be the last.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

From Kolkata to Oklahoma...Ian, Mia and Jadyn

Pictures of our incredible day with Mia, Angie, Dustin, Jadyn, Grace and Shane. Three beautiful children...all born in Kolkata, India....all now with their forever families in Oklahoma.

Play Date With Mia and Jadyn

Today we finally got together with the Tucker's and the McMahan's. It was SOOOOO good to see everyone. It's hard to believe how much our kiddos have grown. I haven't seen Jadyn since the night they arrived home from India. She is such a cutie and is developing so well. She has a sweet little personality. She was very quite when she first got to our house. Partly because she had just woken up and our crazy dog Molly was barking incessantly. She finally warmed up (or woke up)...and she's PRECIOUS. She's tiny, but can certainly hold her own with Ian and Mia.

Miss a doll. This little one has a very, very special place in our heart. As everyone knows, she and Ian were side by side in the orphanage until Ian came home. God is so good. Who would have thought that these two orphanage pals would be a mere 100 miles apart in Oklahoma. It's a God thing. She came in blowing kisses and saying hi. She shook Ian's hand a little later and said "how you?" They gave each other lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day (with a little prompting from us).

Ian...well today he was a bit cranky. He learned a new word today....NO....and he used it a lot. He loved seeing everyone at our house. He had to show off for everyone when they first arrived. Then he just wanted to play. He's loves to have fun and he's such a happy little guy....most of the time.

We played at the house for a little while and then loaded up our cars and headed for the Zoo. It was a bit overcast today, but the breeze was great. We didn't get to the Zoo until about 3:30 and there were not very many people there....which made it nice. Ian wanted to constantly be moving. Not much stopping for anything. We tried several times to get great pictures of the three of them...but usually Mr. Ian started throwing one of his lovely little fits and screaming "walk" (he wanted us to walk...not him). We got the kids out of the strollers to let them play on the playground for a little while. The slide was the favorite for all three of them. Mia can climb the steps on the big slide all by herself.

Most of the animals were inside their we didn't get to see a lot of things. this time (it was almost 6:00pm) the Zoo was closing. Plus....we (the adults) were starving. We left the Zoo and headed to India Palace for dinner. Ian was tired and fell asleep in the car on the way. He was wide awake when we stopped the car and got him out.

It went well at first...then Ian decided he'd had enough. He ate a little...mostly "rios". He wanted to get up and walk around. He did for a little while and then we got a different chair (a regular one). That seemed to help for a few minutes. Bottom line...all 3 kiddos were tired. We had done a lot in a short amount of time. Plus Jadyn and Mia traveled quite a ways to Tulsa. We finally finished dinner. The momma's were all outside with the kids while the daddy's paid our checks. The food was great...but it just takes too long to get it. By the time we get our food, the kids have had it and are ready to go.

Overall, it was a great day. We all experienced a melt down or two with our kids today, but that's to be expected. Mia and Jadyn and just beautiful and so, so sweet.

We are so blessed to have these great people in our lives. We all waited a long time for our wonderful kiddos and through that wait God led us to one another. We all laughed and cried with one another through the agonizing wait to travel to India. We prayed for one another and praised God for the amazing blessings he gave us. We might not be able to get together every day...or every week...but we're all close enough that our kids can grow up near one another. How great is that?

Friday, May 04, 2007

What's That Word & Other Ramblings

Ian is talking up a storm. Some things we understand clearly and others we have to really listen and then ask him to repeat it (several times sometimes). He's really cute when we have to continually ask him to repeat something. He gets LOUDER each time he repeats it. :)

Here's just a sampling of a few of his "Ianisms":

Ack = clock and sometimes milk
Ack = watch (it looks like a clock)
wach = watch (sometimes)
poon = spoon
bow = bowl
outtide = outside AND inside
bred = Brad
lub = love
wheeelll = wheel (duh, momma)
shoe aww = shoe off
shoe on = shoe on
tinky = stinky (his feet)
i k = I'm OK (when he fell off the hearth last night)
bok = chicken (you know...bok, bok...chicken)

my new favorite...

Rios = cheerios

There are lots more...each day it seems like he's saying something new.

It's a busy weekend in the Conner household. Tonight momma and daddy have a date. Marcia, Bill and Amanda are going to watch Ian this evening.'s ISRC baby day...for us anyway. Mia and Jadyn (and their mommies and daddies) are coming to Tulsa for a play date. We're going to the Zoo and then to India Palace for dinner. We are so excited to see everyone. I'm sure we'll take lots of pictures. I'm just thrilled that we all live so close together and our kids can see each other from time to time.

Gotta run.....must get ready for my date :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 1, 1987

20 years ago a church in Huntington, West Virginia....a young woman and young man stood before family, friends and their God and vowed to love one another forever.

Today...a somewhat older woman and man...are still fulfilling that vow.

20 years ago today....May 1, 1987....Ian's Momma and Daddy married.

For some reason, I'm so emotional about this anniversary. God has given me so amazing husband who is the best daddy in the incredible son who makes us smile with wonder everyday....and He's blessing us again with another child. What did this small town girl do to deserve such magnificent gifts?

Charlie...if you're reading this....I was so much in love when we married. But...not really. When I look back I realize every day we have been married you have taught me how to love just a little deeper. You are my soul best friend....and I love you with every fiber of my being. Thank you for being the man you are....and the man you've yet to become.

May 1, 1987....20 years ago today....our lives began as one.