Thursday, November 22, 2007


Today...and every day....we are so very thankful that God put an adoption plan together for our family. He brought Ian to us and now is bringing Drew to us.

Today we celebrated our 2nd Thanksgiving and it was great. Ian is such a great little guy. He's full force 2 3/4...almost 3....but he's a joy. sweet angel kissed me and said I lub you mommy.

Today...I'm thankful for the most amazing husband in the world.

Today....I'm blessed beyond measure and I am so, so grateful.

I'm reminded of the song "Thank You Lord"....For all you've given to me...for all the blessings that I cannot see...Thank you Lord.... Thank you Lord.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Friday, November 09, 2007


On Wednesday, November 7, 2007, Ian Everett Kushal Conner was issued his Certificate of Citizenship from the United States. Even though he became an American citizen when our adoption was finalized in January, this is the last and final step. It was a little anti climatic. We arrived at USCIS in Oklahoma City around 8:50am for our 9:00am appointment. There was a huge line of people. We finally made it through the security line. We went into the room where all of the other people with their cute little kiddos were. We had to change lines because everyone was blocking the doors. Finally, the nice lady took Ian's immigration card. She walked back over, handed the certificate to me and asked me to check for accuracy. Then she had me sign two photos and the back of one of the certificates. She said..."OK, you're done." and handed me a flag for Ian, his certificate of citizenship and a letter from the President.

It was a very good day though. Another family from our church was there. They adopted their little boy, Henry, from Guatemala. They arrived home with Henry around the same time we came home with Ian. Henry and Ian are about the same age and are in the same Sunday School class. Ian spotted Henry first and said "Hengry". They were in line behind us. When they finished we were able to take some pictures of the boys together and our families together. I'm glad we were able to share this day with them.

So...our little man no longer has a "green card". He's officially a citizen of our wonderful country...The United States of America!!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Fun

We have had so much fun the past few days. On Sunday evening we visited the Tulsa Zoo for their annual HalloZOOeen. It's a great event. Very younger kid friendly. There were a ton of people there....according to the news about 4000. But, it was very organized. Ian loved the train ride. He didn't want to ride the carousel at all. He enjoyed the goblin stops...and like getting candy in his little pumpkin.

Wednesday night was our Fall Festival at church. It was different for us this year. Last year, Ian had fun...but this year....he had a GREAT time. Of course, he was very excited to find out that there were train rides. He rode the train about 6 times. The pony rides were a big hit too. He decided to try the "no hands" bit...just to see how mommy would react I think. Then he started saying "giddy-up". He played a few of the games...and was quite the little hit. There were so many cute kiddos...but being a totally unbiased mommy...Ian was cuter that cute. He did have a little melt down moment and decided that biting daddy seemed like a good idea. So...we had to have a time out in the middle of the Fall Festival. He wasn't too happy about that, but he didn't move.

We're through the first of the holidays this season. Now it's time to start gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm ready to put my Christmas tree up NOW...but for some reason I don't think Charlie is thinking the same way.

Our little man is growing up way too fast. He has lost so much of the "baby" look in his face. Makes me a little sad...but...that's part of life.

Enjoy the pictures!!