Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gotcha Day Pictures

Gotcha Day 2008

It's Gotcha Day!!! Or as some might say...Forever Family Day. Whatever you want to call's a special day for us. Two years ago today, we became a family of three. Two years ago today, Ian was placed in our arms forever. WOW....has it only been two years? It seems like forever.

I always get a bit emotional around this time of year. We had no idea just how wonderful parenting could be. Of course, there are those "trying" moments...but for the most part we really enjoy being Mommy and Daddy. It does help to have a great kid though. When we met Ian for the first time, I think I was numb. He was so precious and so tiny. He wasn't really tiny, but he seemed tiny to me. I thought I knew what love was....until I held my son. Then I thought I knew exactly what love was...and then I saw Ian in Charlie's arms. Not only was I in love with my son, my love for Charlie grew beyond what I could ever imagine. There's just something about seeing a child with their daddy.

Those first few days and weeks seem like a blur now. We were away from home, with a new baby...being first time parents. We were tired, scared, emotionally drained...but yet, so much in love.

We are so thankful that God chose us to be Ian's parents. His plan, not ours, was set long ago. When we had so many fertilitiy issues early in our marriage, I had no idea that God was planning to build our family through adoption. We are so blessed.

We shared our day two years ago with Todd, Michele and Ahylana. Ahly is just 9 days younger than Ian. This family is and always will be special to us. Usually you travel alone when you're going to India, but, as God would have it, we traveled with this great family. I know we'll always keep our families connected. We love you guys!!!

Today was pretty low key for us. We got up and got ready for church. Ian enjoys going into the sanctuary and listening to the Praise team sing. He doesn't know quite when to be quiet yet though. We usually take him to his class after about 20 minutes.

This evening Brad came over and we had cake and ice cream. We watched the video of the first time we saw Ian. I picked up a few balloons this afternoon. Ian LOVES balloons. He so enjoyed Uncle Brad's visit. They played and played. Then Ian was ready for a bath.

Two years ago our lives changed forever....two years ago Charlie and Nadra became also know as Daddy and Mommy....two years ago God placed this beautiful little man in our arms.

We love you Ian. Happy Gotcha Day!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Special Time Of Year

This is a special time of year in our household. Not only was it Valentine's Day yesterday, but Sunday is Ian's Gotcha Day!!!

Two years ago yesterday we boarded a plane and headed to India. Wow. It's hard to believe how much our lives have changed in just 2 short years. I've been very "teary" yesterday and today. Just thinking about how blessed we are to have been given our most amazing gift....Ian. He is such a good little guy and we love him so much. I'll post more about our Gotcha Day happenings on Sunday.

He continue to amaze and entertain us. He's now in a new class at daycare. He moved up almost 4 weeks ago. He's back in a class with his buddies Tezzie (Cortez), Sol-mon (Soloman) and Peston (Preston). He really likes his new teacher, Ms. Michelle. I don't think he's crazy about Ms. Diane yet....but he'll get there. His vocabulary continues to grow. Things come out of his mouth and I have no idea where he's heard them. So far...nothing really bad though.

His new thing this week is the Hokey Pokey. Wednesday night, we did the Hokey Pokey probably 20 times. He just giggles and sings. It's cute as can be. Then all three of us danced around the living room and ended in a family hug. Ian said..."we're in our home?". I said "yes, this is our home". He said "this is good mommy". He was so right....this is good.

We're working on potty training. He does really well some days and others...not so much. I think it's helping to see the other little kids in his class using the potty. Hopefully we won't have too much of a set back once we get Drew home.

No real news on the Drew front. Hopefully we'll hear an update in the next week or so. We're still hoping for a March travel date....but who knows.

More later this weekend....with pictures.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We had a great weekend. Friday night, our friend Colleen was in town from New Hampshire. We had fun visiting and catching up at dinner with Coll and a bunch of our friends. Ian and Nicky had a great time "cheesing" it up for the camera. Cute, cute boys. Sunday was Dillon International's Lunar New Year Celebration. It was such fun seeing some of the kiddos that we only read about on blogs. Ian has a new buddy...Zakary Binh. He had such fun running around in the lobby with Zakary. Here are some new "cheesy" pictures.

Ian at Dillon's Lunar New Year Celebration

Ian's new friend Zakary Binh

On Stage


I might be up to something

Ian and Nicky

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Songs In The Key Of Ian

Ian loves to sing. Sometimes I have no clue what he's singing and other times it's perfectly clear.

Last night, we were in bed and Ian said "Sing Powder Cake Mommy". OK...that's a new one for me. "Powder Cake?" I say. "Yes...sing powder cake"....then he starts to clap his little hands. OH....Pat A Cake? So, we sing "powder cake". The best part was "roll it up and throw it in the can".

Then he proceeded to sing all of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" by himself.

I asked him to sing his ABC's and he did so without a thought. He does really well until he gets to "s"...then he goes from "s" to "y and I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me?". So, to only skip t....u...v....w....x.....not too bad.

Love me some Ian!!