Monday, February 27, 2006

Just A Couple of Photos

Here is a picture while we were in Kolkata. This was the first day we had him. Those bright, big eyes can just melt your heart. Not to mention the smile. He's a pretty happy boy.

The one below is Daddy and Ian fighting over the remote in New Delhi. Such a "guy" thing to do.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

We're Home!!!

We're finally home. We arrived in Tulsa yesterday (Friday) afternoon around 1:30pm. After a quick diaper change, we headed to baggage claim where we were met by lots and lots of our friends. Ian did great. He just kept looking around and checking everyone out. He was especially excited about the balloons.

The flight was long. Let me say that again. The flight was LONG. The direct flight to New Delhi when it was just Charlie and I, was great. We slept and it was fine. But, traveling 15 straight hours with an infant is pretty miserable. Ian did well. He slept for probably half of the flight. Charlie was really the only one that could comfort him on the flight, so I know Charlie was really tired by the time we reached Newark. Ian actually did much better than I had anticipated. Especially since our very first flight was so tough.

Immigration and customs in Newark was great. Pretty fast and uneventful. Ian was starving, so I fixed him some cereal and a bottle when we arrived at our gate. Then he got mad. I think he was just so tired. He was crying, crying, crying when we got on the plane to Houston. Shortly before take off, he settled down. He slept pretty much the entire flight. We were late getting in to Houston and we thought we were going to miss our connecting flight to Tulsa. But, by the Grace of God, the Tulsa flight was delayed slightly.

Ian is doing well since we arrived home. We took a nap yesterday afternoon (about a 4 hour nap). Then we had some dinner and then a bath. Then it was time for bed. He went down around 10:30pm last night and is just now waking up. I hear him "talking" to his Daddy.

Today is our first full day home, so we're excited to see how it goes.

My friends, thank you for all of your support and your prayers during this journey. Please continue to pray for a smooth transition.

More as we get a chance.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Coming to America

With just a few more hours to go, we're wrapping up our stay in India. It's been an amazing journey. It would have been overwhelming just the two of us, but with a baby it's been even more so. We have had a great trip even with the small little bumps that we've had.

Ian, Daddy and the nice lady in the business center are playing right now. She's awesome. He has been giggling and laughing at her. I think it's because she looks like he does. :)

Another good night. He slept from 9:30pm until around 1:00am and then was only awake for about 10 minutes and then right back to sleep until 7:00am. He's such a fun little guy.

Charlie and I were talking this morning, we have laughed more in the past week than we have in a very long time. He's such fun. He is constantly doing something to make us laugh. He likes to "grunt talk". He told me a big story yesterday afternoon when I went back upstairs after I had blogged. I'm sure was telling me something that Daddy had done.

We are almost completely packed. We don't have to check out until 6:00pm. So, we're hoping to sneak a nap in there if we can. We just finished breakfast and Ian has a full tummy.

We have been so blessed. Ian is an amazing child. He's already doing much better than he was only 5 days ago when we got him. He's grabbing everything and he's really mobile. He's beginning to get up on his knees. Not all the time, but some. Which we wasn't even doing at all last Friday. He's so very observant. He's so curious.

We hope to some day return to India. This trip was all business for us. We were able to do a little sight seeing, but not as much as we would have liked. We had more fun just being in the room with little Ian.

To all of you, we love you and we can't wait to see you when we get home. Continue to pray for our safe journey. God has truly blessed us and He is so faithful. I know He has heard our prayers and will watch over us on our way home.

Signing off from India.

30 Some Hours To Go

Tomorrow evening we leave India. It's hard to believe that we're here and we're ready to leave. Not that I'm not ready to come home, but it just seems unbelievable that this part of our journey is near the end. The airplane becomes the next big journey for our precious little Ian. I know God has heard our prayers and that He will help Ian during this long, long flight (and his mommy and daddy).

Today has been great. He had a pretty good night. We went to bed around 9:30 and he woke up around 12:45. He was fussy and cried for about 15 minutes and then he went back to sleep. He woke up around 5:00am and was ready to get up. So, we got up, played, had a bottle, played some more and got ready to head downstairs to breakfast. This was the first time we have taken him to the restaurant in this hotel. He actually did well. He likes to squeal in big places. I think he hears the echo and it's fun for him. He ate some yogurt and some porridge. His little tummy was full, full, full when we finished. After breakfast, we walked out by the pool and took some cute pictures. He was just so distracted by all of the sites, it was hard to get him to actually look at the camera. Then we walked around the lobby for a while and a really nice lady took a great picture of the 3 of us. When we got back to the room, we played, changed a really wet diaper and played some more. Then around noon he crashed. I was able to get the sweetest picture of him asleep on Charlie's arm. Charlie was asleep too.

Charlie went back to the Embassy a little while ago and picked up Ian's Visa. We're all ready to head home now. I just have to be sure that nothing happens to this packet before we get back to the US.

Tonight we're going to attempt dinner in the restaurant. There are lots of great restaurants in this hotel. Some probably would not appreciate a little baby. But, we'll probably go to the same one that we had breakfast in this morning. It seems fairly family friendly.

India is amazing. I've been trying to make notes on things that we've seen and experienced. Maybe some day I can put all of those thoughts down on paper.

This hotel has been great. We were able to arrange for a late check out (6:00pm). That will get us to the airport around 6:45pm or so. It's quite a while before our flight, but I think we'll be OK. From what I understand, there's quite a line that we have to go through during check in and immigration / customs. I would think we'll start boarding around 11:00pm. So, when you guys at home are getting ready for lunch, just say a quick prayer for us.

I'll try to post one more time before we leave tomorrow. This has been a great way for us to let everyone know what's going on half way around the world and for us to feel connected to home.

See you all very soon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daddy's Tears

We're doing much better today. Ian had a great nights sleep and so did Mommy and Daddy.

Today was a big day. We started early, early this morning at the US Embassy. There we filed his paperwork to make him an immediate relative. Then we went over to the American Services Center in the Embassy and got the information about filing for his Visa. From there, we found that the visa photos we had taken yesterday were incorrect, so we had to get new ones. The official gave us an address to get the new photos and the address of the Embassy doctor. We left the Embassy and headed on our way to get new photos and the doctors visit. Ian did great. He took a little power nap and was fine. Daddy carried him in the sling today and it worked out great. Both for Ian and for Daddy.

It almost took longer to get the photos taken than it did at the doctors office. The doctors visit was simple. She reviewed his immunization record, listened to his heart and lungs, weighed and measured him...and that was it. Of course Mommy let him hit his head against the wall, but he didn't even cry. Tough boy. He weight 8.8 kg when we picked him up on Friday. Today he weighs 9kg. Considering he's really only eating cereal and milk right now, he's doing good. We waited a little longer to get the medical report and then we headed back to pick up the photos.

We arrived back at the embassy and went straight to the American Services Center. They are great there. So very, very helpful. We completed his Visa application, paid the fee and then waited for the "interview". We we called to the window for the interview. The lady behind the window asked Charlie to raise his hand to take an oath. Charlie lost it. He just couldn't hold back the tears any longer. It was a simple oath. Basically just swearing that all of the statements he ws about to give and all of the information we completed in the documents was true. It was really just the final step to making all of this official here in India. We go back tomorrow after 2:00pm and pick up his Visa. Then...we're ready to head home. Ian and I probably won't go. Daddy can just do it by himself.

Our driver was great today. He waited for us at every stop and we didn't have to worry about a thing.

It's really hot here. Not as hot as it was in Kolkata, but very, very hot and humid. Other than the first little mishap with our luggage and the flight from Kolkata to New Delhi, we really have had a wonderful trip so far. We're still just hoping and praying that he does OK on the flight home.

Ian is a personable little guy. He's a little shy at first, but he smiles very quickly. He is getting stronger and stronger. We have noticed that he's starting to grasp and reach for more things. He loves to grab the cereal bowl. It's pretty funny to watch me trying to feed him and keep the bowl from spilling all at the same time. We manage though. He has a sweet little personality. He does, however, have a temper. When he gets mad, he gets mad and everyone knows it.

Daddy and Ian are having biscuits and milk right now and then a nap. Tomorrow, we simply pick up the Visa and then we're done. We may try to do a little sight seeing, but I doubt it. We truly have the best sight possible in our room.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to read these comments every day. We're looking forward to coming home.

Oh, another little "coincidence". When we were in the American Consular's office today filing the I600 paperwork we saw the original copy of the pre-file (I600A) that we did. We completed it on 9/7/04. Exactly one year prior to the date we received Ian's referral (9/7/05). That was another teary moment for Mommy and Daddy. The Consular thought we'd lost our minds.

We've been here with two other families. We're not in the same hotel now. We ran into them at the Embassy and the doctors office today. Seems like everything is going well for all of us. I think we're all tired, but other than that our kids are doing great.

Please continue to pray for us as we get closer and closer to the journey back to the US.

Hopefully I can post more tomorrow during nap time.

Love to all of you.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Delhi

We have been in New Delhi a little over 24 hours now. We have had quite a journey.

Saturday was a rough, rough night. He woke up from a sound sleep just screaming around 11:00pm. It was hard to get him to sleep in the first place. But after only about 45 minutes he was miserable. He continued to scream and cry until around 12:30. Lots of things are going on with this little guy. He was suddenly taken away from everything he has known for the last 10 months and put in the arms of these strange people who keep kissing him and stimulating him. He had never really been outside, so all of that experience was new to him. An air-conditioned (well somewhat) hotel room was very new to him. Plus, the ayahs he has known and loved for 10 months aren't there to comfort him. We think he's actually grieving. It's the saddest thing in the world to look into that little face and not be able to help him. In addition to the grieving part, he's cutting teeth. He has 4 already and #5 and #6 are about ready to pop through the gum. Silly Mommy forgot to pack baby orajel. We finally got him to sleep around 12:30 and we had to get up at 3:00am to go to the airport. We didn't wake him until the last possible minute.

He did great in the car ride to the airport. The airport was fine too. Then we got on the airplane. That was pretty miserable. Keep in mind he had about 3 hours sleep and those dang teeth are making him crazy. The flight to New Delhi is about 2 hours and 10 minutes. I think he cried for about an hour total. He slept a little. The descent was tough. He wouldn't take his bottle and he doesn't know how to use a pacifier (just spits it out and looks at me like I'm nuts). I think his little ears hurt. Finally about half way through the descent, he stopped crying.

Our driver met us at the airport and drove us to the ITC Maurya Sheraton and Towers Hotel. When we drove up, the sign out front read "Namaste President William Clinton". Not sure when he'll be here of if he has already been here. The hotel is outstanding. The staff is superb and the facility itself is absolutely beautiful. Our room is GREAT. I was so worried about the bathroom situation before we arrived. No need to worry. Great bathroom, great room....just great overall.

Yesterday he had a so, so day. He still didn't like nap time very much. He cried and cried. We actually talked to the hotel doctor (who happens to be named Dr. Sood). He said that a product like baby orajel is not available here, but he did give us some "syrup" for pain. I think it's smile to tylenol. Ian loves it.

He's not drinking much milk, but he loves his cereal. We've been giving him some pedialyte just to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated.

He finally took a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon. When he woke up he seemed to be doing a lot better. When we tried to put him down last night, it wasn't as much of a struggle. He slept pretty solid for about 3 hours, then woke up and cried for a little bit. Charlie was wonderful with him last night. He finally got him to go back to sleep. He slept for another 2 or 2 1/2 hours and then he was awake. He woke up smiling!!!

We played and changed his diaper. Then daddy and Ian played on the floor so Mommy could get some sleep. Ian and Daddy were in a very awkward position in the bed last night and there wasn't a lot of room for Mommy. So, Mommy tried to sleep on the floor. Not much sleeping. Charlie slept some while Ian slept.

After Ian and Daddy played this morning, Ian took another short nap. When he woke up....happy baby again. We had a bath and played some more. Ian and Daddy are upstairs now doing who knows what. We are getting ready to head out to get his Visa pictures taken. Tomorrow we start our Embassy journey. We will go to the Embassy then go to the doctor and then back to the Embassy. Should be quite the adventure.

He's is still the most amazing little guy I've ever seen. I just want to take his pain away, but I can't and that frustrates and makes me very sad. We'll see how the day progresses, but so far it's much, much better than yesterday. Sleep is a wonderful thing.

Please continue to pray for our little guy. He's struggling right now. We'll get through this, but he doesn't understand that at all. Hopefully he'll have grown to trust us a little more before we leave for home on Thursday night. I can't imagine 15 hours on an airplane with him being so, so miserable. Please pray that he does OK over the next couple of days and then on the way home.

Oh...forgot one thing....he says "da, da" and looks at Charlie. Not all the time, but some times. Not sure if he realizes what he's saying, but it's pretty darn cute.

Sorry for the long post, but I wasn't able to post Saturday or yesterday. More as we can.

Love to all of you. See you very soon.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Absolutely THE Most Beautiful Boy In The World!!

We have Ian!!

We finally got to meet our son around 12:45pm today. He is simply amazing. He's such a happy, happy boy. He smiles, giggle and has the sweetest little laugh.

I just can't describe all of the feelings. I've never, ever felt like this before in my entire life. The love I felt for him when we saw pictures of him and his video were nothing compared to how I felt when I held him for the first time. He is simply amazing.

He already loves his daddy. He giggles and smiles at Charlie a lot. The love I feel for Charlie has always been strong and wonderful, but when I watch him with his son I just love him even more.

We were able to talk to Dr. Butta today. She said that he is perfectly normal. Shunt is and has always been working well. He's developmentally on track and he's just a healthy boy. She was a wonderful woman. Ian certainly liked her. He just smiled and kicked his legs when he saw her. She said that is what he does every day when she sees him.

The car ride back to the hotel went much better than anticipated. He was a little fussy when we first started, but he settled right down and just looked around. All a big, brand new world for him.

He's napping now. When he gets up, it's time to eat and play some more.

Angie & Dustin....we were able to see Supritha. She was sleeping, but she is adorable. I think Charlie was able to get a picture of her. I told her you guys were coming soon to get her.

The orphanage was amazing. Small, but very clean and the babies are so well cared for. The staff there welcomed us and you can tell that they all love these children.

We're just going to hang out in the room today. We will probably venture downstairs for a walk later, but for the most part we're just going to enjoy our son.

God is truly an amazing and wonderful God. When I look at Ian, I know that all of these years without children was in God's plan. He knew that in 2006 he would bring us to our son. I found myself singing How Great is Our God a little while ago when I was holding him. We are truly blessed that God put this plan together and we listened to Him.

More as we get a chance.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Amazing and Overwhelming

We're in Kolkata!!!! We're tired, hot and so very happy. Tomorrow morning we will go to the orphanage and get our son.

Our trip was really pretty good. Only a few "freak out" moments. I thought I had misplaced my passport...and we hadn't even left Tulsa yet. Then...we had a very, very rough flight from Tulsa to Houston. There was one other one for me, but I can't remember. were right, I did lose it once we were in the air.

Last night when we arrived in New Delhi, we had planned on just staying at the airport until our next flight (only abour 5 hours). We were taken by shuttle bus (that hard an armed guard) to the domestic airport. When we got off the bus, the driver told us we had to walk across the street to the "airport hotel" because the airport didn't open until 5:00am. We didn't know what to think except that it looked like we were being scammed. So, we politely told him we'd take our chances and walked into the airport. Not a great place to spend the night, but Michele and Todd were there too so we thought "safety in numbers".

OK...weird thing just happened. In the lobby of our hotel is a wonderful pianist. He just played Jingle Bells.

So, we get our flight to Kolkata. GREAT flight. Jet Airways is wonderful When we arrived at the airport, someone from The Kenilworth was there to meet us. He had our names on signs and everything. We went to baggage claim and got our luggage. We then went outside where a car was waiting for us. Then we our driver "flew" to the Kenilworth. I can't describe everything we saw. All I know is, I've never seen anything like it in my life. I'm trying to make notes so I can compile more complete information. The traffic was horrendous. I didn't see any real lanes. People just drive where ever they want to. Cars, taxis, bicyles, motorcycles, rickshaws, buses...all driving and honking their horns almost every second.

We arrived at the Kenilworth. When we got into the lobby and the driver brought our bags in, we were one bag short. Our largest suitcase with all of our clothes. We didn't panic at that moment because Michele and Todd were close behind in another car. Once they arrived....FREAK OUT MOMENT. Our bag was not with them. After almost an hour of talking to the bell captain, the driver and the host that met us at the airport I really thought we were sunk. The travel desk here at the Kenilworth took all of our information and called the airport. So...after several hours, we finally received our bag.

I'll post some more as I get a chance.

Tomorrow is our big day. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as our dream is about to become a reality. Tomorrow morning we'll hold our son for the very first time.

Love to all!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

11 Hours To Go

It's nearly midnight and I didn't do what my friend Amy told me to do...Go to bed!!! Lots of last minute stuff to do. Plus....we're too excited to sleep. However, we are getting ready for bed.

It's hard to believe after two years we're getting ready to travel half way around the world to pick up our son. Who would have thought that our son would be in India?

It's been a pretty emotional day for us. Charlie has been so sick all weekend, but is finally on the mend. Plus we had the whole passport scare. So, today has been filled with praise and thanksgiving.

We leave tomorrow morning and then return to Tulsa next Friday, February 24th. Having never flown to a foreign country, we are a little apprehensive. But, God has taken us this far and I know He will be with us every step of the way on our journey.

I'll try my best to post a few times while we're gone. Both hotels have internet access, so I don't think access will be a problem. Once we get Ian, time will become the issue.

Please continue to pray for safe travel and a smooth transition for Ian as he starts a whole new chapter (along with us) of life. We know it's not going to be easy for Ian at first. When you think about it, everything this little guy has ever known will be taken away from him. We're going to look different, feel different, smell different, talk different. He has no idea what life will be like once we get home. His life has been in the orphanage. The ayahs have taken amazing care of him. You can tell by watching the video that they care deeply for these children. He definitely responds to his ayah and I know it will be hard for him (and her) to let go. I just pray that we'll know what to do to comfort him.

Tomorrow will be an incredibly long day. The flight is long and Charlie is still pretty weak, so we pray that he'll continue to improve as we go along.

Here we go....our journey is about to begin.

More from India....

Love to all of you.


Praise God....Praise God...Praise God....

We just received a phone call from Jynger. Ian's passport has been found!!! God is so good!!!!! She had received a fax from Anju that said that they could not locate the passport and to ask us to change our plans and come a week later. Then Jynger saw a second fax from her and it said to "disregard previous fax....We have Kushal's passport. Have family travel as planned." While Jynger was reading the last fax, her phone rang and it was Anju (who never calls Jynger). She wanted to make sure Jynger had received the last fax.

We don't have any idea where his passport was, all we know now is that she has it. I know that God heard all of the prayers.

Charlie is feeling much better today. Fever is gone and he looks almost normal again.

We leave tomorrow. Lots to do today.

I'll post again before we leave. Please continue to pray for a safe trip for us and as smooth a transition as possible for little Ian.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Charlie Update

Charlie is feeling some better this evening. After battling a fever for over 12 hours of 103-104 degrees, his fever broke sometime around 2:30 or 3:00am this morning. He's doing better, but still not great. We just got home from about 2 hours of IV fluids for him. The worst part for him what the getting the IV. He's not one for needles and the top of his hand has really tough skin on it, so it was a little difficult to penetrate. He was pretty dehydrated from the fever and such. But, he's doing better now and should be OK by Tuesday morning.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Now The "Bump" Is At Home

We leave on Tuesday...Ian's passport is lost in the mail...we may get delayed in India....

That's not enough.....

Charlie is sick. He started feeling bad Thursday evening. He went to the doctor yesterday and she said he has a virus. Today he feels really bad and since about 4:30pm today, he's been running a fever between 102 degrees and 104 degrees. We started him on an antibiotic just in case it's not viral. I'm supposed to give him Tylenol and Advil (alternating) every 4 hours around the clock until he is fever free for 12 hours.

I keep telling myself this will all be over soon.

So, some additional prayers for my sick husband. He's not used to being sick at all so this is rough for him. He wants to be up, getting ready for our trip...but instead he's flat on his back with a high fever.

Keep us in your prayers and pray that he is well before we leave on Tuesday.

Another Bump...I Can't Believe It

When I arrived home yesterday evening from a conference in Oklahoma City, I opened my email and found a message from Jynger. Subject line was "update on passport". So...I got excited. That excitement was short lived.

First...we have to be thankful...Ian's passport has been issued. So, that's the good news.

I can't believe it...but there's bad news.

His passport is lost in the mail. I thought that only happened in Oklahoma. His passport was issued on January 28th and mailed to the orphanage the same time as the other family that's still waiting for their little girl's passport. Her's arrived on Thursday (I think it was Thursday based on the fax that Jynger received in the office on Friday....of course it could have been Friday, the time difference messes me up). A red flag went up and Anju called the passport office. They told her that it had been issued and mailed at the same time. The "main" post office in Kolkata has a record of it passing through there, but the "local" post office does not. I just can't believe this.

Apparently this has happened one other time before. The passport was delivered to another office in Kolkata and it was found. She's hoping that's what has happened to Ian's. She is sending her staff out today looking for it and hopefully they'll find it.

So, what does this mean? We still are traveling on Tuesday. Anju said that if it is not found, then we'll have to file for a duplicate. That could delay us 2-3 days in Kolkata, which could delay our return trip home. We will go to the passport office with her on Thursday when we arrive in Kolkata. I'm really OK with that. Not that I want actually experience the Kolkata passport office. If it only takes 2-3 days once we arrive, then we should have it by Monday 2/20. If that's the case, then we'll only have to change our domestic flight within India. If it takes longer than Monday, then we'll probably have to change the return flight home.

That's where the major problem comes in. Usually the flights are full from Delhi to the US. So, we're hoping that if we have to delay the return to the US that we'll be able to find a flight to come home one.

We need everyone to just pray, pray, pray that his passport is found before we arrive in India. God is in control of this and every situation and He is the only one that can take care of this. We need all of our friends to just pray for this situation and us right now.

No matter what, we still get Ian next Friday, 2/17.

Keep praying my friends...we need the prayers now more than ever!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Traveling In One Week

We are heading to India in just one week. We still do not have a passport for little Ian, but Anju tells Jynger that it is absolutely safe for us to travel the week of February 13th. So...we're taking that leap and leaving on Tuesday, February 14th. That's right...Valentine's Day. He's going to hate this in the future, but he'll always be my special little valentine.

People are work keep asking me if I'm getting excited. I suppose I am, but to be honest there is just so much going on right now at work I haven't really had time to get very excited yet. My friend, Lori, tells me that she thinks it won't really hit me until we are on the airplane. She thinks that's when I'll lose it. Who knows...she may be right.

We can't believe that it's finally here. We're waited for this for almost 2 years now. The last part of this "wait" has been terrible. So, so frustrating. Hopefully, it will all be over soon. We think that once we have him in our arms all of this frustration will be forgotten.

We're staying a little longer in India than we had actually planned. Monday, February 20th is President's Day. The US Embassy is closed for all US Holidays and Indian Holidays. So, that delays us a little. But...we'll have a little more time to bond with Ian before we get on the airplane for that 14 hour plane ride to the US.

Here is our schedule:
Tuesday 2/14 Leave Tulsa 10:55am
Wednesday, 2/15 Arrive New Delhi 9:15pm
Thursday, 2/16 Travel to Kolkata
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH GOTCHA DAY (we'll get Ian sometime that day)
Sunday, 2/19 Travel back to New Delhi
Thursday, 2/23 Depart New Delhi 11:45pm
Friday, 2/24 Arrive Newark, NJ 5:05am
Friday, 2/24 Arrive Tulsa, OK 1:05pm (Continental Flight 2739)

It's a long trip. Our time in New Delhi will be spent doing paperwork at the US Embassy. We will be able to sight see a little. We don't want to venture out too much. We don't want him to be too overwhelmed. He's going to be going though a lot of change is a short amount of time.

We are staying at the Sheraton in New Delhi. It's outrageously expensive, but location and convenience make all the difference right now. It's close to the embassy and it has all of the amenities of a hotel in the US. Since we'll be spending quite a bit of time in the hotel room, we wanted it to be as comfortable as possible.

I have a conference in Oklahoma City this Thursday evening and all day on Friday. So, technically my last full day in the office is tomorrow. I'll work in the office on Thursday until around 1:00pm and then we'll leave for OKC. Lots to finish up on before I leave.

As I said earlier, we still don't have his passport. So, please continue to pray that it will be issued before we actually leave Tulsa.

When we're in India, I'll try to update this as I can. But, who knows if I'll have enough brain power to do it. I think we should be able to update occasionally.

More details as I have them. Thanks to all of you who are keeping track of this by reading these messages.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Maybe soon

Today 5 or 6 families received passports for their little ones. Unfortunately, we were not one of those families. The 3 that were wrong on Monday were corrected very quickly and others were also issued. While we are incredibly disappointed that ours was not in the ones least they're being issued. We have to hope and pray that ours is only a few days behind. Maybe tomorrow, or Friday or early next week we'll have Ian's passport and we can make our travel arrangements.

I can't really describe the emotions. I am truly, truly excited for the families that now have travel clearance and are on the verge of picking up their children. But, at the same time, I'm just heart broken that our little guy has to wait longer. I know that everything happens in God's perfect timing, but I'm really, really struggling with all of this today.