Monday, February 26, 2007

Circus, Circus

Sunday, we went to the Akdar Shrine Circus. Ian's first circus. He's still a little young for the whole thing, but he did GREAT. Aside from being passed between Charlie and I the entire time, he was wonderful. He didn't care for the aerial acts and such, but was interested in the animals and the little Shriner cars. Our friend Marcia organized the event for us. Overall....a good day. The pictures are from the event. You'll notice that he didn't quite know what to think at first and by the end (or about 15 minutes before the end) he crashed. He was sound asleep. But, the show lasted 3 hours. That's a long time for an almost 2 year old. Later in the evening (maybe I should say later the next morning...around 4am) we discovered that part of his drooling, fussing and sleeping was due to teething. He's cutting another tooth. I'll be so happy for him when they're all in. Bless his little heart.
Friday night, I had the opportunity to go to the airport to welcome home another Dillon family that was returning from India. Grace, Shane and baby Jadyn made it in to Tulsa around 11:10pm Friday night. There were tons of people at the airport to welcome them and I was honored to be part of that celebration. Jadyn is precious. She has the cutest little smile. Grace and I have chatted alot via email through her process and we met in August at India Camp. They are a sweet couple that waited a LONG, LONG time to bring this precious little angel home. God is so good!!!
Ian is sleeping now and hopefully he has a better night than last. He has to be tired. His birthday is coming up in just under a month. I can't believe that he'll soon be two. Where does the time go?
This tired momma is going to bed. More about our adorable Ian soon.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Saturday Pics

Happy Conner Family....a Forever Family for one year
Ian and Molly Mei. Molly is the special little girl God placed in our lives to teach us that we needed to build our family through adoption. Special, specialy child who is now 4...going on 14.

Ian crashes on the sofa after a day of excitement and too much CAKE.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gotcha Day 2007

Today was an extra special day. We played around the house, napped, ran out to pick up a cake, watched the video from last year when we picked Ian up and then went to India Palace for dinner. After dinner, Brad came over and the Gilmartin's joined us. Steph, Paul and Molly were coming from a Lunar New Year Celebration. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since we were in India.

I keep trying to upload pictures from this evening, but I'm not having much luck. Hopefully I'll be able to do that tomorrow. Ian did great today and loved eating "cake". It's almost 11:30 and fell asleep around 11:00pm....WAY, WAY past his bedtime.

It was a great "Gotcha Day"......our first of many.

One Amazing Year Ago

Scenes from February 17, 2006....the day our precious babies were placed in our arms. We were blessed to share this day with Michele and Todd Borski (from Wisconsin). When Ian and Ahylana became part of our families forever, our lives changed....for the better. Both kids are simply amazing.
It was rather hot and humid in Kolkata the day we met our precious son. Our driver was scheduled for 11:00am. The orphanage was about 30 minutes from our hotel. We were going to be early for our noon appointment, but with traffic in Kolkata you just never we wanted to be sure. First time parents...can't be late. :) As we drove through the streets of Kolkata, we tried to soak in as much of the culture as we could. We have the entire drive from the hotel to the orphanage on video and when we look back at's still overwhelming. We pulled up to the orphanage and were quickly whisked inside (with our trash bags of orphanage donations). We were greeted warmly by the staff and escorted upstairs to Ms. Roy's office. We could hear the babies crying in the other room. My stomach fell to my feet. I would like to say that's when I started crying, but those of you who know me well know that I was crying the entire ride from the hotel. I did compose myself so I wouldn't be a crazy red faced woman when we met Ian. Ms. Roy went over all of our paperwork and then went over the paperwork with Michele and Todd. She talked to us about their food and what they were eating. Gave us their schedule and then asked the Ayah's to bring them in. They were supposed to bring Ian in first, but the first baby coming in had a cute little dress oooops...we had to scramble to switch cameras and start taking pictures of the Borski Family. As I remember it, Todd couldn't move too fast because he was simply awestruck by seeing Ahlyana. It was a beautiful and tender moment. Shortly after Ahlyana was brought in, our moment arrived. This beautiful baby boy that we had prayed for and loved was finally coming through the door. I remember swallowing hard and reaching for my baby. Charlie was behind me as the Ayah gently transferred him to my arms. We couldn't talk. All we could do was hug and kiss this sweet boy. Then I handed him to Charlie. To watch Charlie with him at that moment made me fall in love with Charlie all over again. You could see the love for his son shining through.
I've been trying to think of just the right things to say in this post. It's not happening. Today is such a special's GOTCHA DAY!!! The day we became a forever family. It's hard to express what I'm feeling today. The memories of a mere year ago keep coming back and I get so emotional. The day we finally looked at his smiling face, the tears we shed, the frustrations we felt and the agony of waiting disappeared. Those feelings have been replaced with joy, wonder and amazement.
We're going out to dinner this evening to our favorite Indian restaurant to celebrate. Then we're coming home for dessert. I'll post some pictures from today a little later.
We celebrate today....and thank God for the miracle of adoption.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random Photos

From the top: 1) SUPER STAR; 2) Bath time is always fun (Charlie double dog dared me to caption this picture in a different way....but no); 3) Yeah..I like this flower....OK?; 4) Momma's #1 (of course Daddy wasn't in the room at the time); 5) If you're happy and you know it shout Hooray...HOORAY!!!!; 6) Daddy's so silly; 7) Zonked out on the sofa after our first Valentine's Day together...Momma's special little valentine :)

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Ian and Daddy were so sneaky and cute. They gave Momma chocolates and not 1...not 2...not 3...but 4 DOZEN beautiful white roses this morning. Charlie had put everything together last night and wouldn't let me go back in the kitchen to get a drink. I should have known he was up to something. It's the first time in 20 years I've had roses and chocolates on Valentine's day.

One year ago today we left for India to pick up Ian. I've been so weepy the past few days just thinking about how God has truly blessed our lives. One short year ago all of our worlds were turned upside down, but God in His infinite wisdom knew exactly what we needed to do to make it through the rough patches. I'll post a bunch more on Saturday...our Gotcha Day.

There are several Dillon families traveling today to pick up their children. Grace and Shane (who live here in Oklahoma) and Anila and Lenin will all get their babies exactly one year after we did. Another family will pick their daughter on Monday. One family should be in India now and they will get their daughter tomorrow. What an exciting time for all of these families. But, it wouldn't be India adoption without a few hiccups. These families are traveling without their child's passport being in the hands of the orphanage director, Anju. Remember our struggle last year? This year it's worse.....there was a fire in the passport office. They are telling Anju that they should be able to get the passports to her this week. However, if they don't the families will be delayed in Kolkata. Please pray that the passports are in Anju's hands before the families arrive.

What's the cliche? Love is in the that's really appropriate for the families that are traveling it was for us and the Borski's as we headed to India just one short year ago to finally hold our amazing children.

Hug someone's Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Growing Up

Today, Ian officially moved up to the next class at daycare. He's in a big boy room now. Wow. It's hard to believe. Charlie and I visited there over lunch today. He was sleeping soundly on his little cot. They have a lot more room in there, plus they do lots of activities during the day. He has adjusted beautifully. He visited the class on Tuesday, spent a little more time there yesterday and then today...he's there full time. He's also saying more words now. The latest in his vocabulary are teacher, school, apple, and church. He tries to say just about anything we ask him to. We often times can't understand it, but he's trying. We also noticed tonight that he picked up an ink pen from the table and tried to write on the paper. Where has my baby boy gone?

We're having a much colder winter than normal in Tulsa. We've had over 15 inches of snow this winter and more is expected. Yuck.

I looked back at some of the posts from last year on this blog. One year ago, there were 8 families waiting for passports so they could travel to pick up their children. 6 families passports were issued and they received that notice one year ago today. The 2 families that did not get passports were the Borski's and us. We ended up traveling with the Borski's and it worked out beautifully, but I remember how devastated I was last year when we didn't have his passport. There are several Dillon families in similar situations this year. One family just returned from India last week. They were able to get updated photos of the children. I know the families are just thrilled to get the pictures,'s hard at the same time. You are longing to be with your child and while you want to see the pictures it makes the wait that much more difficult. Especially when you see how much they have grown. Two of the families are waiting on passports. One of those is an Oklahoma family. If everything goes as planned, they will leave on Valentine's day and they will get their daughter, Jadyn on February 17th. Exactly the same date we became a forever family last year. They will return back to Oklahoma on February 23rd. We're planning on being at the airport to welcome them home. It's been a long, long journey for them...and it's not over.

As you're reading this, I would just ask that you pause for one quick moment and pray for the families who are waiting to travel to get their children. Only God can control the situation and only God can comfort them.

I was a mess last year on February 1st. Today...I was a mess again. Not because we were waiting....but because my baby is growing up. :)