Thursday, February 01, 2007

Growing Up

Today, Ian officially moved up to the next class at daycare. He's in a big boy room now. Wow. It's hard to believe. Charlie and I visited there over lunch today. He was sleeping soundly on his little cot. They have a lot more room in there, plus they do lots of activities during the day. He has adjusted beautifully. He visited the class on Tuesday, spent a little more time there yesterday and then today...he's there full time. He's also saying more words now. The latest in his vocabulary are teacher, school, apple, and church. He tries to say just about anything we ask him to. We often times can't understand it, but he's trying. We also noticed tonight that he picked up an ink pen from the table and tried to write on the paper. Where has my baby boy gone?

We're having a much colder winter than normal in Tulsa. We've had over 15 inches of snow this winter and more is expected. Yuck.

I looked back at some of the posts from last year on this blog. One year ago, there were 8 families waiting for passports so they could travel to pick up their children. 6 families passports were issued and they received that notice one year ago today. The 2 families that did not get passports were the Borski's and us. We ended up traveling with the Borski's and it worked out beautifully, but I remember how devastated I was last year when we didn't have his passport. There are several Dillon families in similar situations this year. One family just returned from India last week. They were able to get updated photos of the children. I know the families are just thrilled to get the pictures,'s hard at the same time. You are longing to be with your child and while you want to see the pictures it makes the wait that much more difficult. Especially when you see how much they have grown. Two of the families are waiting on passports. One of those is an Oklahoma family. If everything goes as planned, they will leave on Valentine's day and they will get their daughter, Jadyn on February 17th. Exactly the same date we became a forever family last year. They will return back to Oklahoma on February 23rd. We're planning on being at the airport to welcome them home. It's been a long, long journey for them...and it's not over.

As you're reading this, I would just ask that you pause for one quick moment and pray for the families who are waiting to travel to get their children. Only God can control the situation and only God can comfort them.

I was a mess last year on February 1st. Today...I was a mess again. Not because we were waiting....but because my baby is growing up. :)

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Amanda said...

Ian has grown so much. I remember those first pictures a year ago. It is so wonderful to hear such a good ending to the story we are living. Thank you for sharing with us. Ian is gorgeous.