Monday, February 26, 2007

Circus, Circus

Sunday, we went to the Akdar Shrine Circus. Ian's first circus. He's still a little young for the whole thing, but he did GREAT. Aside from being passed between Charlie and I the entire time, he was wonderful. He didn't care for the aerial acts and such, but was interested in the animals and the little Shriner cars. Our friend Marcia organized the event for us. Overall....a good day. The pictures are from the event. You'll notice that he didn't quite know what to think at first and by the end (or about 15 minutes before the end) he crashed. He was sound asleep. But, the show lasted 3 hours. That's a long time for an almost 2 year old. Later in the evening (maybe I should say later the next morning...around 4am) we discovered that part of his drooling, fussing and sleeping was due to teething. He's cutting another tooth. I'll be so happy for him when they're all in. Bless his little heart.
Friday night, I had the opportunity to go to the airport to welcome home another Dillon family that was returning from India. Grace, Shane and baby Jadyn made it in to Tulsa around 11:10pm Friday night. There were tons of people at the airport to welcome them and I was honored to be part of that celebration. Jadyn is precious. She has the cutest little smile. Grace and I have chatted alot via email through her process and we met in August at India Camp. They are a sweet couple that waited a LONG, LONG time to bring this precious little angel home. God is so good!!!
Ian is sleeping now and hopefully he has a better night than last. He has to be tired. His birthday is coming up in just under a month. I can't believe that he'll soon be two. Where does the time go?
This tired momma is going to bed. More about our adorable Ian soon.


Anonymous said...

I had a smile on my face all the time I was reading your blog. Ian is so adorable!!!! He looks like such a big boy in the finalization pictures.The one at the top of him by himself in the little red shirt is just so precious! It was so neat meeting you last year at the Dillon reunion. I am so glad he is in your lives. These children are such a blessing and God is so good to bless up with them.His little cheeks are just so kissable and since I'm not there could you please give him a big one for me.

Amy said...

Sooo cute Nadra!! It has been awhile since I've had time to see your blog, so I had to catch up. Congrats on being a Forever Family for one whole year!! And wow - can't believe little Ian will be 2 soon! Very awesome you were able to meet Grace's fam at the airport also. Wow..lots of excitement.. sounds like you are having a wonderful time together, as it should be!!
Oh - and just saw your Dillon msg - CONGRATS on your decision to grow your family again! ~Amy