Sunday, June 22, 2008

Precious and Frustrating

That describes Ian....precious and frustrating. He thinks he's the boss a lot of the time. He is trying to be so independent and it comes across as bossy much of the time. He tells us "NO" a lot..."go away" a lot...."I don't like you"....occasionally.....therefore spending LOTS of time in the Thinking Chair. I'm sure this will pass....but geesh it's frustrating.

He's also one of the sweetest little guys around. Yesterday in the car he said "hey Mommy, you know what".....I said "what Ian"....he said "I love you Mommy."

Recently we attended Vietnam Heritage Weekend that our adoption agency sponsors. I volunteered to be on the committee thinking we're certainly have Drew home. But...we didn't. So, it was a little painful, but we had a good time. I think Ian thought we were going to Vietnam Camp to get his baby brother. When he saw some of the babies come in on Friday evening, he said "is that my brother?" Just before we were ready to leave he said "mommy, when do we get Drew?" Bless his little heart...he's ready for his brother to come home (so are we).

Today on the way to the Zoo, Ian and Daddy were talking....I'm not exactly sure what about....but Ian said "What's that all about?" Now where did that come from? The words and phrases that come out of his mouth amaze and surprise us sometimes.

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