Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fun-Filled Holiday Weekend

We had a GREAT weekend. Lots of fun! Ian loved the fireworks at the Hav's....had a blast swimming in Uncle Brad's pool....loved running around at the church picnic....decided the fireworks "scared" him. I'm pretty sure the fireworks "scaring him" at the church picnic was a result of a long, busy weekend. He didn't appear scared...just tired..."I'm ready to go home now mommy."

What a great kid! We love this rotten little guy so much. It's past midnight and I should be in bed snuggling with my little guy...and my big guy. But, I wanted to get these pictures up and I'm stalking my email hoping for some news from Vietnam.


The Labontes said...

I'm blog stalking hoping for news from vietnam :)

Love the pics - looks like a blast.
(Max Rup's Mom)

Donna said...

Great pics Nadra! They are so stinkin cute together! I love it! SUCH a handsome little man!

Deborah said...


First off way too cute!!!
Second YBFITWWW sends you all her love.


Anne said...

I love the slide show with the cool stars. Very festive!