Tuesday, January 24, 2006

10 Months Old

Today Ian is 10 months old. We had so hoped to have him in our arms by today. But, maybe we'll have him in our arms and home before he is 11 months old.

I often wonder what he's doing. It's about 10:45am on Wednesday in Kolkata as I'm typing this. I wonder if he's sleeping. Maybe he's eating. Maybe he's playing. I can't help but think about those things throughout the day.

My prayer continues to be his health, safety and the watchful guidance of his caregivers. And...of course....passport.


Mary said...


I had not gotten to see this blog yet. What a great treasure for Ian as he gets older. We (Brad, myself and my small group at youth) continue to pray for Ian's passport to come thru soon!


Brittany said...

Hi my name is brittany and i just wanted to say that i pray for ian to receive his passport everyday i am from Mary's small group and you continue to be in our prayer journal every week!